At Atlanta Regional Airport

Safety, in any aviation environment is always number one.

In effort to continually develop safe operations in and around Atlanta Regional Airport we have made a few documents available to pilots flying in, out and around the airport. These documents were developed by tenants on the field with safety in mind.

This page and the attached page or pages were not produced by the Airport Authority, but are provided for informational purposes only.  They have been produced and provided by tenants of the airport.  In no event shall the provisions in these documents be construed as representing official Airport Authority policy or formal airport procedures or regulations.  Reliance on these provisions is at the user’s own risk.  The Airport Authority disclaims any and all liability and warranties of any kind or nature whatsoever related in any way or in any way arising out of the use of or reliance on these documents.

Drone and Model Aircraft Flying around Atlanta Regional Airport – Falcon Field

While Drone and Model Aircraft Flying in perfectly legal in some areas, there are a few regulations that need to be followed.

Flight Training around FFC

With one of the nations largest flight training schools located at a neighboring airport, the school has established a practice area for their training activities.

Safety Pamplet

In effort to increase situation awareness at the airport, a number of tenants developed the below document for both transient and local use.