Pilot Information

Runway Information


Communication Frequencies


CTAF/Unicom: 123.05


ASOS: 118.525

or 770-487-1610


Atlanta Approach/Departure: 119.8

or 678-364-6131

NAV Aid Frequencies


ILS/LOC: 111.95


NDB (FF): 316  ..-. ..-.


VOR's Nearby

ATLr208/17.7    VORTAC    116.90

PDKr209/34.0   VOR/DME  116.60

LGCr059/36.8   VORTAC    115.60

Attended Time


FBO is open 7 days a week from:

7:00am - 8:00pm Eastern Time


After hours fueling and FBO access available when scheduled at least 12 hrs

in advance*


*fees apply (see services page for rates)



Runway 31



• Elevation: 808'

• Length 5,219'

• Traffic Pattern: Left

• Runway Heading: 313 magnetic, 308 true

• Displaced Threshold: 200'

• Markings: Precision in good condition

• Visual Slope Indicator:  4-light PAPI on left (3.00 degrees

  glide path)

• Approach Lights: ODALS: omnidirectional approach

  lighting system

• Touchdown Point:  Yes, No lights

• Instrument Approach: ILS/DME or LOC, RNAV (GPS),


• Deer on and in vicinity of the airport, both runways

Runway 13



• Elevation: 797'

• Length 5,768' (take off available)

• Traffic Pattern: Right

• Runway Heading: 133 magnetic, 128 true

• Displaced Threshold:

• Markings: Nonprecision, in good condition

• Visual Slope Indicator:  4-light PAPI on left (3.00

  degrees glide path)

• Runway end identifier lights:  Yes

• Approach Lights:

• Touchdown Point:  Yes, No lights

• Instrument Approach: RNAV (GPS)





Pilot & Crew On-Site Amenities

• Business/Weather briefing center with computers

• Wi-Fi wireless internet throughout facility

• Modern conference room with projector and screen

• Comfortable pilot lounge with satellite television

• Complimentary gourmet coffee served fresh all day

• Enterprise rental car reservations

• Complimentary valet for client vehicles

• Limousine services on demand

• Hotel room reservations (local and in Atlanta)

• Crew vehicles available for use (grab lunch or quick errands)

• Catering and galley service available (with advance notice)

• Discounts to nearby gyms, restaurants and golf courses



Aircraft Operations Services

• 24 hour ground services available (upon request)

• NATA Safety 1st Trained Line Technicians

• Forklift service for cargo flights

• 90,000 sq ft of heated hangar space capable of housing

  up to a Gulfstream IV

• Ground Power Unit (GPU) available

• More than 10 acres of ramp space

• Tugs and equipment capable of towing up to a G-450

• NEW Lektro AP8750CX aircraft tug to safely and reliably

   tow any aircraft up to 80,000 lb. capacity

• Jet-A trucks with 3,000 gallon fueling capacity

• AVgas truck with 1200 gallon fueling capacity



Airport Services


Peachtree City's airport facilities were designed and built under the guidance

of corporate and private pilots.  From aircraft maintenance to exercise facilities,

the airport has been engineered to maximize a pilot's productivity and peace of mind.