Hangar Space Information

• 24 Individual Hangars On-site

• Large Community Hangar

• Reasonable rates


Due to high demand we currently do not have any T-Hangar  or Community Hangar space available immediately. If you would like to be added to the waiting list please contact the front desk at 770-487-2225.


Community Hangar space is available for rent starting at $375/month on a Month-to-Month Lease. Hangar space can accommodate most general aviation aircraft including most Light Jets. LIMITED SPACE

Tenant JetA and AvGas Discounts Available



T-Hangar "A" (T1-T5 & T7-T10)                                                                              *$417


T-Hangar "A" (T6 Only)                                                                                           *$500


T-Hangar "B" (T12-T16 & T18-T23)                                                                       **$492


T-Hangar "B" (T11 Only)                                                                                        **$682


T-Hangar "B" (T17 & T24)                                                                                      **$547


*T-hangar "A" leases are month to month with a 30 day notice to vacate.

**T-hangar "B" leases are month to month with a 30 day notice to vacate. These hangars have electric bi-fold doors.




Single Engine Piston or Small Helicopter                                                                 $375


Multi Engine Piston                                                                                                   $450


Turbo Prop/Jet or Large Helicopter                                                                      ***$590


***Rate is the same regardless of the footprint of the aircraft.


Tie Down Rates


Single - Piston                                                                                                            $61


Multi - Piston                                                                                                              $73


Large Piston                                                                                                             $104



Hangar & Tie Down Rental Rates

Month to Month Leases - Stated rates are Monthly

No Vacancy - Wait List