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The Great Georgia Air Show Story


The Great Georgia Air Show is a separate business entity from the Peachtree City Airport Authority (Atlanta Regional Airport - Falcon Field) and the airport is always honored to host the air show annually. If you have any questions regarding the air show, please contact The Great Georgia Air Show directly.


The Great Georgia Air Show is one of the most popular weekend festivals in Georgia and one of the most highly regarded aviation events in the nation. The Great Georgia Air Show, known to Insiders as GGAS,began as a local fund raiser at the close of the last millennium. While non-profit organizations still benefit financially from airshow revenue and publicity, The Great Georgia Air Show has grown to have a positive financial impact on the entire Greater Atlanta area and has been named a Top 20 Event by the Southeastern

Tourism Association.


Tens of thousands a year attend this ticketed event, totaling around a third of a million people through the gate since the Show's inception. The Great Georgia Air Show financially supports more than 40 area non-profit and civic organizations through revenue generated from corporate sponsorships, ticket sales, concessions and other vendor-related income. The event also offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity for organizations to connect with the public against a backdrop of high energy and excellence.


Known for its high-quality performances, The Great Georgia Air Show attracts top-tier performers such as Canadian Forces Snowbirds, Black

Diamond Jet Team (formerly Heavy Metal Jet Team), AeroShell Aerobatic Team, U.S. Army Black Daggers and many other active military aviation

demonstration teams.


WSB Radio's Scott Slade, himself an aviator, says it's the layout of Falcon Field that makes it so "perfect" for air shows. "I know of no other major air show where the crowd can be so safely close to the action," he says. Not only does the landscaping lend itself to something like stadium seating just off the taxiway, but air show guests are also encouraged to mingle with performers alongside their aircraft all along the ramp. "It is definitely an up-close and personal air show," says Great Georgia Air Show Director Angie Faulise.


Air Show Contact Information


General Information


Phone: 855-332-4427

Website:  www.thegreatgeorgiaairshow.com


Sponsorship Information

Jamie Greiner




Fly In Information


LIMITED PARKING!!! A designated parking area for Fly In traffic will be established prior to the air show. Once this information is available a PDF will be located on this page describing proper procedures and airspace waiver times. All aircraft that will be here for the duration of the show will have to schedule with the FBO (770-487-2225) prior to arrival. Aircraft that have not scheduled with the FBO will not have a place to park during the waiver times. Please plan accordingly.


Air Show Phone Number


Air Show Phone Number


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